Friday, April 10, 2009


Wow. Is my kid really old enough to be going sking. Jason has been helping out at the house and with the dog while Aaron is out of town so on one of my days off we took Cabhan skiing. It was so dang cute. At first Jason was just going to take him to give me a break but I didn't want to miss it so me and Ciaran tagged along and hung out in the logde. As you can tell from the pictures Cabhan loved it. He has found a new best friend in Jason. They are attached at the hip every chance Cabhan gets. Thanks Jace for all your help with the boys. They love their uncle Jason.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay there are a couple of things that my kids do that are so funny that I need to write down before I forget. After Cabhan was born before Ciaran could say Cabhan he called him "ya ya." Still to this day Debbie calls Cabhan her "little ya ya." So when Ciaran was finally able to say Cabhan the cutest thing ever happened. Cabhan took his own nick name and started calling Ciaran "ya ya." Well now at the ages of three and five they both call eachother brother. It is so dang cute to me. Just recently they started calling eachother cute nicknames. Cav and Ci.

So also Ciaran has figured out that when we listen to 99.5 on the radio after each song the dj tells who sings it so he will always say mom do you know who sinngs that song and then tell me.

Also anytime we go somewhere and cabhan cant reach something or see something good Ciaran will lay down on the ground and let Cabhan stand on him so he can see better or reach what he needed.

Everytime I ask either of them how I was so lucky to get such cute good boys like them they always answer from Heavenly Father. It is true. I must have done something good to deserve them. They are the light of my life and I don't know where I would be without them. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for my two boys and the joy they bring to my life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is the present my boys brought me home from Disneyland. They were so excited to give it to me because they love the one of me so much. They still sleep with mine all the time so I told them I would sleep with theirs now. They thought that was so cool. They had a great time and I am so happy they were able to have that experience with their dad and their grandpa Mike and grandma Gwen. They were really able to bond with them because they don't see them as much as others. Now they are all they talk about and I have even been called Grandma gwen and grandpa mike a few times but its all good. Also I want to thank Mike and Gwen for taking the time out of their busy schedules and taking my boys with them and making it possible for this experience to take place. I really do appreciate it a lot. Aaron will never forget it and hopefully the boys wont either. Thanks for all you do.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Today is my dad's birthday and I stayed with my mom until after midnight so I could be the first to say happy birthday to him. I have been so excited about his birthday for a couple of weeks now. My mom took me and my brother to the dollar store to get stuff to decorate my dad's truck. I was looking at my mom's scrapbook a couple of weeks ago and when she was dating my dad she docorated my dads car for his 24th birthday with all star wars stuff so I told my mom
that is what I wanted to do for my dad for his birthday this year. So we got silly string, balloons, crape paper and window clings. I was a little upset that we couldn't find Star Wars stuff again but oh well. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you so much.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Amber, Amber, Abby, Scoshi, Ariana, Jana, Ma'ata, Bret

Mary and Me
On Tuesday February 17th I got to go with the young women from my old ward to the Draper Temple open house. It was so great to see them all again. I do miss them so much but I do keep in touch with most of them by texting. (FYI if you are ever in a youth calling you better learn how to text because that is how you get ahold of them now) I miss being in the young women program but hopefully one day I will get my chance again.
Me, Ma'ata, and Bret Florencia, Alejandra and Friend

After the temple tour the young women came over to my apartment to see it and then I gave a short lesson. I read them the scripture Heleman 5:10 and gave them each a piece of the temple stone and explained how the savior and Heavenly father are our rock and we need to build our foundation upon a "rock". Aaron had been given some pieces of the stone from a friend while working on the temple and we had given them to so many people and I finally got to give them to my young women which I was so excited about and have been looking forward to this night forever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Dinner with My Boys

For Valentines Day this year I started a new tradition with my boys that I stole from Trudy. We had a candle light dinner with their favorate thing to eat. Ramon Noodles and candy hearts. Hopefully one day I will get to upgrade to like a steak dinner but it was between ramon noodles and Arby's roast beef sandwhiches this year. They love it. They thought it was pretty cool to drink out of the cool tall glasses with sparkling cidar. I love this tradition because really my boys are the best Valentines I could ever ask for. I love you two.
I also got them both a fun Valentines gift which I have done all their lives but they got to open those at the dinner too and we did some fun Fireworks which was their favorate part and the cheapest part also.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

So for valentines Day this year I had a very cool oppertunity. My neighbor Connie whom has become a very good friend to me and my boys asked if I would take her through the Draper Temple open house on Valentines Day. She isn't LDS so she had never seen inside a temple before so we were both very excited. We had a great time. I think I over did it with her because she was out for like two days after. She said she wasn't used to doing that much in one day but we had a good time together. She is so good to me and my kids. They love her so much and they always go over and hang out with her and always notice if her car is there so they know she is home. Out of all the temples I have been in I think the Draper Temple inside is my all time favorate other than maybe Nauvoo. I loved the colors and all the furniture was so beautiful. If you haven't yet I encourage you to go see it. The open house goes until March 13th I think and is open to everyone.